• Objective

    1. Assemble all Islamic scholars from all over the Islamic region with various academic backgrounds in a scientific discourse.
    2. Highlight contemporary issues and solutions from the point of the theory of Shari'a and Islamic thought.
    3. Provide participants with a steady stream of Islamic knowledge on contemporary issues that can be their guide
    4. Promoting UniSHAMS as a prominent Islamic academic institution in the Asean and International regions.
  • Background

    Lately, a lot of issues arising around Muslims community whether at the national or international stage requires the help and answers from Islamic scholars. There are local issues and other issues shared between the residents of Muslim countries. Hence, there is what can be classified as contemporary issues and al-qadaya al-iftiradiyyah (hypothetical issues / al-qadaya issues). Following the above stages, the International Islamic University of Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah intends to gather Islamic scholars from all over the Islamic world in a conference hopefully able to provide concrete views and conveyance to contemporary issues and issues whether in the field of shari’ah, akidah, Arabic and Islamic thought that has not been answered.
  • Arabic Language

Bidang Perbincangan seminar ICCIMS

    1. Contemporary issues on zakat and income taxes.
    2. Contemporary issues on Islamic finance and banking.
    3. Contemporary issues concerning the community with focus on Maqasid al-Shari'ah in marriage and necessary and effective actions in dealing with divorce issues.
    4. Contemporary issues on the implementation of hudud, qisas and ta'zir in today's Islamic countries.
    5. Issues regarding the implementation of the shura concept in government and taking advantage of the principles and democratic systems that do not conflict with the rules of shara 'and maqwasid al-shari'ah.
    6. Contemporary issues related to medical, medicine and surgery.
    7. Contemporary issues on waqf, grants and sadaqah as the economic catalyst for Muslims.
  • a. Contemporary issues of faith with the focus on the importance of tawheed in creating civilized individuals and societies.
    b. Contemporary issues on the Qur'an and Science focus on the flow of the Qur'anic commentary.
    c. Contemporary issues on the Sunnah of Nabawiyyah and the issues of its application in resolving the problems of the ummah.
    d. Contemporary issues on the comparison of religion and the flow of extremism and liberalism that challenge Islamic purity.
    e. Contemporary issues on the Islamic dakwah methodology in the face of digital world challenges.
  • a. The contemporary issues of Arabic teaching and learning for the non- Arabs
    b. Contemporary issues in Arabic texts.
    c. Contemporary issues of balaghah and Arabic text commentary.
    d. Contemporary issues in enhancing the role of Arabic Language in contributing to the development of Shari'a.
  • a. Contemporary issues in hotel management with ethical procedures and ethics.
    b. Contemporary issues in the appearance of hotel workers in accordance with Islamic adabs.
    c. Contemporary issues in the marketing of halal products to Islamic and non-Muslim countries.
  • a. Contemporary issues in banking transactions through computer systems.
    b. Contemporary issues in the use of creative multimedia in the proving of civil and criminal cases.
    c. Contemporary issues in the use of multi-media creative in the teaching of sharia, usuluddin and Arabic language subjects.

Info Seminar ICCIMS

  • Dr. Mohamaed Shafie Moftah Bosheya - 014-2514215 (Arabic)
    Dr. Yusuf Othman – 017-5872778 (Malay and English)
  • a. All abstracts, authors' cvs and papers in Arabic are sent to: Chairperson of the Scientific Committee at the following address:
    shafie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    b. All abstracts, cv authors and papers in English and Malay are sent to:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • a. US150 for writers and speakers from outside Malaysia.
    b. RM300 for writers and speakers from within Malaysia.
    c. RM150 for authors and speakers from UniSHAMS internal trainers / employees.
    d. RM100 for authors and speakers from UniSHAMS.
    e. RM50 for students and ordinary attendees.
  • a. The papers will be recorded in the form of Conference Proceedings and distributed to all working paper writers as well as a copy in PDF form will be sent to the authors' electronic posts.
    b. Will be sent 10 selected papers to be loaded in the journal Scorpos.
    c. The conference organizers will not incur any travel and accommodation fees either from within or outside the country.
    d. The organizers will provide a conference bag, a copy of the conference proceedings, a certificate of engagement, lunch for all presenters of paperwork from within and outside the country.
    e. Certificate of attendance will be given to participants and one copy of the CD of the conference.
  • a. Date of receipt of abstract paperwork and author cv is BEFORE 15th, July, 2018.
    b. Date of reply received abstract is BEFORE 15th , August, 2018.
    c. The deadline is to receive a full working paper on 15th September, 2018.
    d. Deadline received by papers after editing made where necessary, 30th October, 2018.
    e. Date of presentation of papers 23-24th , December, 2018.
  • Utama
  • Seminar Antrabangsa Pertama


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